Why Invest in Birth Photography? Byron Bay Birth Photography.

Why choose to invest in a birth photographer?
Birthing your baby is guaranteed to be one of the most profound days of your entire life. You will fall in love in a instant. There are so many tremendous moments and emotions to capture, starting with the strength and power of the female form, bring her baby into the world, the support and care of a birthing partner, little things that a women deeply focused on labor will not see or remember happening, the relief and complete empowerment once you have birthed that baby, the total joy of holding your baby for the very first time and the blissful emotional love of snuggling your fresh new baby, looking your baby over, and the first feed.
People often spend a lot of money on Wedding Photography and I’m going to be frank here, marriage doesn’t always last these days. However the love for your child will never end and the day that baby was brought into the world, the emotion, the pure joy, that story is a valuable thing to capture, as a family legacy to treasure for a lifetime. Let it be done by a professional who can provide quality images and leave your birthing partners and midwives free to support you without worrying about having to pick up a camera themselves. Give your family this true gift.


The cost of birth photography.
First off there is an initial consultation with a family to discuss the birth plan. Then a birth photographer is on call 24/7 for up to 4 weeks, 2 weeks prior to your due date and 2 weeks after. For a birth photographer and her family this means not traveling to places that are out of mobile reception, keeping her phone switched on during the night, constantly forecasting what the night or following day will bring in terms of finding childcare if she is called out to a birth, having enough support around her to find childcare in an instant of being called to a birth and of course the cost of childcare.
Then once in attendance at a birth it is obviously very unpredictable as to how long until that baby is born. While trying to hold off until active labor to arrive it can still be many many long hours before baby is born. In some cases 20 hours or more.
A birth photographer usually stays for around an hour after baby is born, and then it’s time to leave the family to have their special bonding time and rest.
Once the photos have been taken there is editing time, time to make slideshows, upload galleries, email clients, post prints etc.
So you see there are many many hours involved in birth photography and more often than not more hours than what is involved in shooting a wedding. It is a valuable thing that is worth investing in to leave as beautiful, emotional memories for our children to treasure.  It is something I myself see true and utter value in and have invested in birth photography for my family and I hope you will choose to as well.