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Alex is Byron Bay’s leading Birth Photographer & Videographer, having spent years getting the specialised genre off the ground in the local Byron Bay area. Having studied, worked and lived as a Birth Photographer for the last 7 years, she is very passionate about the benefits of birth photography, helping to normalise birth, supporting mothers to process, heal and recover from their births.
Alex has been interviewed by local radio show host, Sally Cusack from The Maternity Coalition and featured in several magazines such as The Natural Parent Magazine and Essence.
She has a deep respect for families privacy in such a small community and would love the opportunity to meet and see if there is a natural connection to attend and document your birth.
Alex is a graduate of The Birth Film Workshop with the renowned Monet Nicole and offers film/video alongside still photography.

Birth is a collection of mere seconds in time, never to be seen again. This moment is fleeting, a brand new baby, not yet dressed, not yet been outside, not yet been held by anyone but his mother or father, once they have clothes on they look so different and they change SO quickly. Capture these moments, capture them with professional quality photos, to leave as a legacy for your family. There is nothing quite like birth photography. ⠀

Currently booking 2 births a month, please get in contact early to ensure your due date is available. ⠀

Birth photography is a precious, worth while investment, just like wedding photography. ⠀

Payment plans & a gift registry available to help with the cost. Plan ahead and save, just as you would with a wedding. ⠀

A free consultation is available to check if I am a good fit to join your birth team. ⠀

Let's do this! You won't regret it! ⠀

The Birth of Daisy

The Birth of Thomas

Once you've decided you might like to hire me as your birth photographer, we will meet to see if we are a good match and to check you feel comfortable having me in your birth space. We will discuss your birth plan and I'll answer any question you have. I will be on call for your due month, 24 hours a day. I aim to attend your birth during active labor and I will stay for about an hour after baby is born.

Please contact me as soon as possible to secure your due date.

The above birth was recently featured in Natural Parent Magazine. Read the full blog post here.

Read my blog post on why you should invest in Birth Photography.

I service Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Gold Coast and surrounds.


Why do I love to photograph birth?

The video below perfectly describes why i do what I do and I am honored to have some of my images featured in it, along side some of the best birth photographers in the world. 


What my clients are saying about me.

“I don’t know why I ever thought paying money for Birth Photography was ridiculous, it’s the best investment ever, I’m so grateful we had Alex there, she did so well it took me off guard, the results are so different to what I was expecting... it’s amazingly perfect.” - Dad Sy.⠀

During my first birth, my husband and a midwife took some pictures of the birth even though I thought I didn’t want any. Looking back at them I was so thankful I had some pictures that reminded me how strong I was and that blissful rush when my child came to this world. The second time I was determined to hire someone to document the birth properly. It was beautiful to see the support of my husband and my midwife being so attentive. I wouldn’t have noticed any other way since I was in “birthing-mode”. I feel empowered looking back at my birthing pictures. They remind me of the beautiful bond I share with my husband, the beauty, strength and surrender to childbirth and that light at the end... holding our baby in our arms.
Alex was so lovely. She got there super quick and was very respectful of our space while birthing and bonding with our new baby. She captured the essence of my birth, the love and support of my partner and the celebration of welcoming of our little Jay Stone into this world. She also got the pictures ready very quickly, which was very important to me because thanks to that I had gorgeous pictures to show my family in Puerto Rico. - Luna Woolcott

When I was asked to write about our experience with Alex as our birth photographer, I turned to my husband and said “Could you write something about Alex because I hardly remember her being there!”.

I had a photographer planned and it felt through a few days before I was due, I posted a message on facebook and Alex replied that she was able to do that for us. It was really important for me to have a photographer because I wanted some images showing us the birth of our beautiful son without my husband living it through a screen. It was imperative that someone else then Chris took the photos.

Chris thinks it’s awesome the fact that we felt like she wasn’t there, she wasn’t intrusive at all and she came as soon as we got to hospital in the middle of the night.
I had a very intense labor (I’m sure it often is but I feel it was quite a good one!) and Alex was very quiet and peaceful by my side when taking photos. I know my mum enjoyed her company too and having someone to talk to.
I unfortunately had to get transferred to an other hospital but Alex kept in touch with us the whole time, due to a few complications I ended up with an emergency c-section and even if Alex had offered to be there with us if we wanted we decided to go ahead without her. I regret it! I wish I had stuck with what I wanted and had asked Alex to join us for the c-section. I hope she can be there for our next birth!
The most beautiful photos of Angus that we have are the few Alex took when she visited us in hospital the next day. We have some gorgeous family shots, breastfeeding and grandma cuddles;)
I often look at those photos that are full of emotions and move us every time we look at them. Chris gets teary every time, bless him!

Thanks Alex! We will be in touch again for sure!
Vic, Chris and Angus xx

Oh my goodness! The most talented photographer I’ve met. She has a natural flair & an ability to capture precious moments perfectly. Her use of light is sublime. I cherish the photos you took of my pregnancy & of Sid when he was born. They all take pride of place on our walls. Molly Skinner x