Hi, my name is Alex Warland and I am a motherhood and birth photographer. Through my introduction to motherhood, I have developed a passion for birth, breastfeeding, and family as a whole.

I want to capture you and your family in their true essence. I want to freeze those fleeting moments in time, for you to treasure for a lifetime and for generations to come. I want you to be able to remember how your body glowed, the reaction when you first met your baby, those tiny purple feet straight after birth, the way you childs hair blew in the wind. Whether it’s capturing the start of new life growing inside you, the true wonderment and magic of meeting your baby for the very first time, capturing the nature of your family at the beach, in images you can relive time and time again, treasured for eternity.

I have been crazy about Birth photography ever since I became pregnant with my first. It was then I started exploring the idea of birth photography and had a really strong desire to have one present at my birth. Already working as a photographer myself, I understood the importance of documenting such a momentous occasion, meeting my child for the very first time, the strength, relief, emotions, joy and satisfaction.  Unfortunatly due to my Husbands medical phobia he was unwilling to invite another person into our birth space the first time around, and it's something I deeply regret. You can read my blog post on this here. The second time aorund I managed to convince him otherwise and the photos from that birth are absolutely stunning, it was so so worth hiring a photographer for the job. The photos will be cherished forever and my favorite part is that my daughter attended the birth and she is in the photos, reaching out her little hand as her baby brother was born. 

In my other job, I am a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor for the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I have a huge passion for helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals and I feel that being a breastfeeding counsellor assists me in my Motherhood and Birth photography, in the sense that I am very comfortable with women's bodies.

If you would like to have your families special moments captured and to find out more please click through to my pricing page here.


Photos by Bianca Kristin

Photos by Bianca Kristin