The best time and place to do family portrait photos. Family portraits Byron Bay.

The ideal time of day to do a family portrait photoshoot in Byron Bay is just before sunset. They call this the Golden Hour. The sun is low which casts a golden light onto the skin. Being low light it also lights the face in a soft way, so not to create dark shadows around the eyes. Sometimes we can get a bit of light flare to create that magical sunny haze or position the sun to fall on the back of your head to create a nice glow and bring your hair to life.

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I love to take photos outdoors and shoot using natural light. The beach at sunset is amazing and why not take advantage of the beautiful beaches that Byron Bay has to offer. The beach is always my first choice of location for a photoshoot, we can get a variety of shots, in the grassy sand dunes, trees as backdrops and of course the ocean, sand and possibly some rocks. I also love greenery and trees. The giant Fig trees in the area are a favorite of mine. They give so much texture, form and size perspective, perfect for framing a photo. Clients can also suggest their own locations. It can be a great idea to think about outdoor places you love to visit, somewhere that brings you joy or that you frequently visit. A beach you play at with the kids, a secret secluded spot, the river or even your own backyard. It might be somewhere that has a lot of meaning to you or it could just be a place you think will look great in the photos.