The Birth of Baby Angus.

Byron Bay Birth Photography

Testimonial -
“When I was asked to write about our experience with Alex as our birth photographer, I turned to my husband and said "Could you write something about Alex because I hardly remember her being there!".

I had a photographer planned and it fell through a few days before I was due, I posted a message on facebook and Alex replied that she was able to do that for us. It was really important for me to have a photographer because I wanted some images showing us the birth of our beautiful son without my husband living it through a screen. It was imperative that someone else than Chris took the photos.

Chris thinks it's awesome the fact that we felt like she wasn't there, she wasn't intrusive at all and she came as soon as we got to hospital in the middle of the night.
I had a very intense labor (I'm sure it often is but I feel it was quite a good one!) and Alex was very quiet and peaceful by my side when taking photos. I know my mum enjoyed her company too and having someone to talk to.
I unfortunately had to get transferred to an other hospital but Alex kept in touch with us the whole time, due to a few complications I ended up with an emergency c-section and even though Alex had offered to be there with us if we wanted we decided to go ahead without her. I regret it! I wish I had stuck with what I wanted and had asked Alex to join us for the c-section. I hope she can be there for our next birth!
The most beautiful photos of Angus that we have are the few Alex took when she visited us in hospital the next day. We have some gorgeous family shots, breastfeeding and grandma cuddles;)
I often look at those photos that are full of emotions and move us every time we look at them. Chris gets teary every time, bless him!

Thanks Alex! We will be in touch again for sure!
Vic, Chris and Angus xx

Victoria Collignon-Hedge”