Birth Photography - Testimonial.

"During my first birth, my husband and a midwife took some pictures of the birth even though I thought I didn't want any. Looking back at them I was so thankful I had some pictures that reminded me how strong I was and that blissful rush when my child came to this world. The second time I was determined to hire someone to document the birth properly. It was beautiful to see the support of my husband and my midwife being so attentive. I wouldn't have noticed any other way since I was in "birthing-mode". I feel empowered looking back at my birthing pictures. They remind me of the beautiful bond I share with my husband, the beauty, strength and surrender to childbirth and that light at the end... holding our baby in our arms.
Alex was so lovely. She got there super quick and was very respectful of our space while birthing and bonding with our new baby. She captured the essence of my birth, the love and support of my partner and the celebration of welcoming of our little Jay Stone into this world. She also got the pictures ready very quickly, which was very important to me because thanks to that I had gorgeous pictures to show my family in Puerto Rico.” - Luna Woolcott

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