Leaving a legacy for your family - Byron Bay Family Portraits


AGING and DEATH. These are the two main reason I keep my family photos up to date, getting professional photos done around the same time every year. My kids are four and six and I look back on photos of them in awe of how little they were just twelve short months ago, not to mention when they were born. Documenting their growth is something that’s important to me, but also something they enjoy looking back on themselves. Photos trigger memories and my kids love to sit and listen to me telling stories that go with their age in the photos. I also look back on photos of myself from a few years ago and wonder why I was so worried about my hair that day or my post-baby body and I know my body is not something my children will ever look back on and judge me for, they will just be happy to see me in the photos with them.

My Children’s Grandfather passed away before I’d even met my Husband. My Husband doesn’t have a single photo of his Father, not one, my children don’t even know what he looks like. I’d like you to take a look at these photos and really think about how you would feel if you had a set of photos like this for your own family when you’re old and grey? What would your children feel when they looked back on them in years to come? Special? Connected? Nostalgic? Loved?

“I have avoided these professional family photos in the past for fear of how awkward, uncomfortable and unnatural it would feel.”

“I was held back by my body changing after birth, feeling uncomfortable or like some people might not understand why I wanted this (breastfeeding) captured.”

I do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera, it’s best to pretend I am not there, but most people do feel a little uncomfortable, even myself when it’s my turn. However, isn’t a little uncomfortable for a very short time not so bad for what you get in return?

Think about what road blocks you’ve put up, body image, finances, no spare time? If you really want professional photos of your family, you can make it happen. We don’t know what is just around the corner and that’s when I come back to my point about death or even just health issues. Time is slipping through our hands every single day. We only have limited time on this earth. Don’t stress if your body isn’t perfect, make a payment plan or do a group session if finances are an issue, don’t procrastinate any longer, book a date in with your photographer now, even if it’s for in 6-12 months time. I believe we owe it to our children to leave images of us engaging with them in genuine love and connection.

“All through my childhood, I would pour over my family photos and they became really important to me. They captured times of innocence and love. Innocence and love that wasn’t necessarily always there between us later on. I could look back at them and they would make me feel connected once again to my family and that would comfort me. I wanted to have the chance to capture the special bond I have with my children and husband so maybe one day my kids can also have the chance to pour over our family photos and see the strong and loving connection we have.”

“Since not breastfeeding with my first, I have been looking forward to sharing that special experience with my second baby and capturing it in a way that I'll always have to look back on and treasure that beautiful bond. I've seen the way Alex captures breastfeeding not only in a physical sense, but the connection between mother and child, and that's exactly what I wanted. After all, I am so grateful I decided to go for it. The shoot was such a wonderful, relaxed and above all empowering experience which has pushed me to embrace breastfeeding even more so. Thank you so much Alex.”

“Thank you Alex. You made the whole process so comfortable and easy for my family. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the photos show it.”

If you have any fears or road blocks around photos you’d like to discuss, please get in touch. I am very open and happy to chat.