Daisy's Birth - Byron Bay Home Water Birth

In 2012 when I first became pregnant I was terrified of birth, our culture has taught us it is something to fear. Then one morning on TV I saw they were taking about Birth Photography. At first, I thought the idea was strange, but as a photographer, it intrigued me, so I started looking it up online. By looking at the photos and videos I found, I realised birth was something beautiful and empowering, this was something I wanted for myself and sparked my passion to offer to others.

I recently learnt how to create Birth Videos and I am so glad I did. Video is so much more emotive, with movement and sound, how you sounded through a contraction, moments of connection, the first words you spoke to your baby, babies first sounds to you. Watching these moments back I feel exhilarated and emotional. I feel absolutely honored to capture these fleeting times for families.

I’d like to thank Amy and her family for being vulnerable and sharing this video with the world. Birth videos like this have a positive impact on educating and lessening fear around birth.

Amy is a Hypno Birthing teacher and Doula at Earthbound Babies. This is what she said about her birth video - “I’m so thankful for this video, I fall more and more in love with it every time I watch it.”

Bron from The Lismore Birth House provided midwifery care for this home birth.

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