Mother, A Life Giving Vessel - Lennox Head Photographer

A woman's body is a sacred temple, a work of art, and a life-giving vessel.


Six ladies gathered by the seaside. The wind whipped their hair as they held their babes close. Slowly, carefully they removed their shirts until each one stood naked from the waist up. Some quickly reached for their blankets, others used naked babes as shields.

The world had told them to feel shame, to cover up, to hide.

As the camera clicked, the women sighed. They were tired. Tired of covering, tired of hiding. Tired of fighting for the right to be seen.

The sun rose behind and the waves whipped their fury. Cloaks were thrown off, vulnerability wavered and the mothers roared.

Sagging breasts. Loose skin. Stretch marks and dimples.

Naked shame no more.


The theme for me was really about showing my new post partum body to the world and pushing back against the pressure to be the same woman I was before. Both mentally and physically. Pregnancy, birth, motherhood.. they’re all so transformative. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly think that such immense growth wouldn’t be reflected in every aspect of my life. I loved my body as the vessel for my soul, and now I love it even more as the house that grew my daughter. I’m in awe of it as the life force that sustains her. She is so powerful, so strong, so beautiful!

You are a mother and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust and love your body as the vessel for your soul and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you. We are brave, we are beautiful; we are mothers. - Blog Words by Lauren De Groot


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I believe we owe it to our children to leave images of us engaging with them in genuine love and connection.